Colegio Irlandés Americano has as a fundamental mission to forge in our students a personality of perennial excellence with a profound appreciation for:


-The truth, justice, freedom and respect.

- Congruency and honesty.

- Responsibility and accountability.

- Courtesy, gentle treatment and good manners.

-Success and self-improvement.

-Tireless research and its fair application in any field.

-Creativity and resourcefulness.

-Discipline, order and punctuality.

- Honorable work, both personal and collective.

-Science, art, history and technology.



Moreover, it is our goal to provide students with a competent academic preparation that may enable them to deal with the challenges that life may bring.



To offer a comprehensive education that may provide students with a high-quality formative education based on competences, in order to give solutions to everyday problems.


We are able to achieve all of the above thanks to our teaching staff, a group of dedicated and well-prepared teachers with a vast experience in educational processes.


Av Francisco Sarabia 416, Zona Centro, 34000

Durango, Dgo., México