Who we are





The LBS (Learning Bicultural System) Platform of Colegio Irlandés Americano is the backbone of our educational model. LBS (Learning Bicultural System) is a unique platform designed and created for English learning purposes.

Our educational model is based on meaningful learning experiences, supported by an English-only system and the use of digital tools. Our students hold certifications by Cambridge Assessment English and KAPLAN, institutions that are specialized in the assessment of English profiency.


Our expectations and goals are high; our main objective is to give our students the opportunity to get qualifications from the most prestigious institutions devoted to English teaching and learning around the world. In addition, it is of our concern to prepare students for their future life as professionals with the use of technological competences and an emphasis on entrepreneurial culture.



Av Francisco Sarabia 416, Zona Centro, 34000

Durango, Dgo., México