Who we are





With a bilingual education, Colegio Irlandés Americano fosters a stable environment based on quality, diversity, stimuli and security through competences based on individual and collaborative work; implementing activities that can be seen as challenges in need of solutions.




In Elementary school, our primary objective is fostering the development and strengthening of competences of the students by developing abilities, knowledge, attitudes and skills through learning processes within different contexts. Additionally, in Colegio Irlandés Americano we work to develop and unlock the potential of our students, highlighting the development of education in life skills and the desire to learn about the environment by means of new technologies and communication.




Junior high school is the stage where children grow into adolescents and with well-managed emotions we are able to become gifts into great talents. In our institution, we are concerned about those emotions and how to channel our student’s energy into attractive projects that may fostertheir creativity through a high level of English proficiency and the use of cutting-edge technology tools.




This is the final stage of an education process, incorporating basic skills that make high school essential. Colegio Irlandés Americano works through projects and social activities that are attractive to our students in order to prepare them for college life. Moreover, our goal is to consolidate the use of English and technology. We train students who are confident about their knowledge and ready to become professionals in any field.



Av Francisco Sarabia 416, Zona Centro, 34000

Durango, Dgo., México